Antonio Baiano Svizzero

— founder

I am a NVH CAE Engineer and I have been working on aero-acoustic and vibro-acoustic simulations since 2017. In my daily job I work with commercial software, but acoustic simulation is my passion and I work on it on my free time (some of it!) too. 

This project is born because in these years of experience I noticed that there is a general ignorance about acoustic simulation, that usually is managed by people coming from mechanical simulation with no experience in acoustics in general.

Quite often NVH CAE Engineers (or any equivalent job title) don’t know the true meaning of the acoustic impedance or don’t understand the basics of fluid-structure interaction and its effect on acoustic cavities.

My goal is to show what I learned and share the steps that I took to reach what I currently know, hoping to learn more from someone who comes across this blog.